Do you dream?

For as long as I can recall, I have been wishing upon a star, believing in happy endings and stumbling along the Yellow Brick Road of Life.  Things have not particularly gone according to any plan that I've been aware of, but sometimes, just when the evening star appears, the moon is full or a rainbow arcs across the sky, magic happens.

I've been drawing and doodling and painting for what seems an eternity, and probably is.  Fond memories of drawing on the foggy bathroom mirror with my Daddy when I was very, very young bring a smile to my face.  Characters materialising when they know their time has arrived, insisting upon being born, demanding attention and form…perhaps when the world needs smiles most.

Somewhere along the journey I got myself a grown-up job.  I've never really worked out how that happened.  Challenges arose when creative flow peaked at awfully inconvenient moments, the integration of artist and office worker a constant balancing act guaranteed to keep life interesting.  Those around me could sense when I wasn’t creating enough, my life force waning.  Eat, sleep, breathe, paint.  Art, a vital part of my spirit, my soul, my life. 

Ahhh…now the time has come.  Flow.  Creating on a daily basis.  On occasion when newcomers dare venture into my studio sanctuary, seasoned travellers are often heard whispering them a gentle caution…"don't stand still too long if she's got a paintbrush in her hand".

I feel privileged to be surrounded by a wonderful network of family and friends that are out there, living life, refusing just to exist.  Ordinary beings living extraordinary lives, finding laughter, smiles and their inner child within my creations, so they tell me.  Their enthusiasm, love and support inspire me daily.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Oh, by the way, I am proud to call Melbourne, Australia home.